• The Unsung Hero of Aviation

    980 flights in 24 hours, 980 flights in 1,440 minutes i.e roughly 1.5 minutes No! This is not one of those confusing equations from your math’s book. But it is a breath-taking feat that was recently achieved by Mumbai airport, on 20 January 2018.
    What makes it even more fascinating is not just how unbelievable it sounds but that it was partly achieved due to the relentless but usually unsung ground staff of the airport, which works tirelessly and flawlessly like a team of Bahubalis from some Bollywood blockbuster. And it is much more than just a news notification on your smartphones and even bigger than a proud status on Facebook!
    What fails in meeting the eye in such big achievements is the non-flashy, modest hard work of the Aircraft engineers who check every plane of different makes, capacities, sizes, shapes and from different companies in record time and clear them for take-off and landing! It is not just the pilot who flies the plane and the air hostesses who greet you on-board. It is this team of maintenance guys who gave 980 pilots in just 1,440 minutes the confidence that their plane was safe for flight. It is the running around and legwork of these engineers that the flights land in time without any technical hiccups.
    Ever wondered, what made Superman so good at flying? He must have worked as an aviation engineer So you know who to thank the next time you land safely!

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