• Aviation As a Career- Let Opportunities Chase You

    Days have passed when only few industry spheres were considered as a cherry picker and people got tantalized to them. But, India has changed and made headway leaving no stone unturned transmuting the outlook of people. Every domain has gained speed and creates uncountable opportunities that were never thought before. Aviation is one such industry that has been touched with the wave of advancement. Fabulous aspiring career opportunities have now opened up its doors to people. Flight dispatchers, avionics technicians, aviation meteorologists are to name a few amongst the available listed options. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is one unequalled choice for those who are focused to choose Aviation industry. Keeping in mind the eagerness of people and need of manpower in Aviation sector; InterGlobe laid the foundation of School for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at Greater Noida. It is an AME Institute with phenomenal infrastructure built to provide world-class education to students. Every AME course aims at practical exposure along with the surroundings to promote learning capability of students. SAME is one of the top AME Colleges in India, approved by DGCA, producing manpower with exceptional skills in the Aviation sector. This AME college has a sister organization Indigo Airlines and CAE Simulation Training Pilot Limited, imparting pilot training in India. SAME is the best AME College in India for those who want to pursue for AME course. SAME is a level-headed institute and its students are given preference over others when it comes to hiring.

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