InterGlobe Group and SAME

School for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (SAME) is part of the InterGlobe group. The InterGlobe group comprises various companies including InterGlobe Hotels, a joint venture with the world-renowned Accor Hotels and InterGlobe Aviation, which operates the largest Indian airline under the brand-name of IndiGo, and which possesses a fleet of over 100 Airbus A320 aircrafts, with 430 more aircraft on order.

InterGlobe believes that as a consequence of the rapid growth in air traffic demand, coupled with the expansion of the civil aviation aircraft fleet in the country, the Indian aviation sector will face a shortage of high-quality trained, and skilled human resource for aircraft maintenance purposes. The InterGlobe group is committed to the continued growth and professionalization of the airline sector, and in keeping with that objective has established SAME – an AME Training School for meeting the

requirements of the airline and MRO industry in India including our own group company. School for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (SAME) has been established under InterGlobe Education Services, one of the group companies, which is devoted to the education sector, as a world-class AME Training School that is fully compliant with and has the necessary approval of the DGCA to impart ab-initio training in the field of aircraft maintenance engineering.

Vision And Goals

SAME aims to be the finest school for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India, offering a world-class education and practical knowledge, and fully equipped to meet the highest standards of AME education.

SAME aims to create high-quality aircraft maintenance engineers through its professionally trained and internationally experienced faculty, using modern teaching methods backed up by state-of-the art equipment and infrastructure, thus meeting a long-standing need of the fast-growing aviation industry.

SAME aims to bring the culture of excellence that defines all the operations of the InterGlobe group to aircraft maintenance engineering education and training in India.


Mr. Rajendra Khashaba Mane Training Manager & Chief Instructor

Rajendra K. Mane is the Training Manager & Chief Instructor of SAME. With a rich 30 plus years of Aviation Maintenance & instructional experience, he has held various leadership positions with Aviation and Maintenance Training Organizations, and has held the position of Training Manager & Chief Instructor for twelve years with DGCA approved and well reputed AME Training Institutes in India.
A post-graduate of The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, where he attained a Master of Engineering in Mechanical (Production) at the Faculty of Technology & Engineering, he is a Fellow (FIE) of the “The Institution of Engineers” India. He holds a BAMEC License – (Heavy Aeroplane).

Ms. Aradhana Singh Examination Manager & Dy. Chief Instructor- Avionics Stream

Ms. Aradhana Singh is the Examination Manager & Dy. Chief Instructor for Avionics stream at SAME. She is experienced as a Examination Manager & Dy. Chief Instructor-Avionics for 7 years and has 6 years of instructional experience at well reputed AME training Institutes in India.
She holds BAMEL in ES, IS & RN.

Mr. Manoranjan Rout Quality Manager & Dy. Chief Instructor- Mechanical Stream

Mr. Manoranjan Rout is the Quality Manager & Dy. Chief Instructor- Mechanical Stream at SAME. He is experienced as a Training Manager for 2 years at an EASA Part-147 (Basic Training) approved organization overseas. With 12 plus years of instructional experience in national and overseas AME Institutes, he holds a BAMEC license in HA, JE, LA, PE & RA.

Details of Instructor

Mr. Somenath Khushari Instructor (Mechanical)

He is experienced as a Deputy Chief Instructor- Mechanical. He is having total 10+ years of Aviation experience and has 8 years of instructional experience at well reputed AME training institutes in India.He holds BAMEC in HA, JE, LA, CP and NDT Level 2 certification.

Mr. Ravi Anand Instructor (Mechanical)

He is the Technical Instructor for Mechanical stream at SAME. With 6 plus years of instructional experience in AME institutes, he holds a BAMEC in HA, JE and LA.

Mr. Lalit Chawla Instructor (Avionics)

He is experienced as an Avionics instructor and has a working knowledge on aircraft’s with Air India for 30 years. He was having AME Licence on Boeing 737 (Radio) and A320 (Avionics).

Mr. Raman Chauhan Instructor (Avionics)

He is holding BAMEC in ES, IS & RN. He has 3 years of teaching experience and six months of experience in Air India as Technician.

Mr. Anish Singh KharsanInstructor (Mechanical)

He is Mechanical Instructor at SAME with 12 plus years of experience in Aviation Industry. He holds a BAMEL in HA, JE, LA, and RA.

Mr. Amit Kumar GuptaInstructor (Mechanical)

He is Mechanical Instructor at SAME with 10 plus years of Aviation experience that includes 7years of instructional experience. He has BAMEEC over HA, JE and LA.

Mr. Arindam DebnathInstructor(Mechanical)

He is working as a Mechanical instructorwith 10 years of teaching experience as well as 1 plus years of experience in aviation industry holding BAMEC in LA,HA & JE.

Mr. Kumar RajeevInstructor (Avionics)

He is experienced as an AvionicsInstructor with 8 years of teaching experience & holds BAMEC in ES, IS & RN.

Mr. Lalit Kumar SharmaInstructor (Avionics)

He is holding BAMEC in ES, IS, RN &has RTR(A) License. He has total 5+ years of aviation experience and more than 2 years Instructional experience.

Contracted Organisations

>> InterGlobe Aviation Limited (IndiGo), Gurugram
>> Prabhat Engineering Company, U.P-201007
>> Air Charter Services Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi-110037

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