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SAME, promoted by the InterGlobe Group, is approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, to offer a three year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course in the Mechanical and Avionics Stream. SAME aims to be the finest school for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India, offering a world-class education and practical knowledge, fully meeting the standards of the Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India. With its professional and internationally experienced faculty, backed by state-of-the art equipment and modern teaching aids, SAME will produce Aircraft Maintenance Engineering personnel of an outstanding quality and standard.

SAME is located at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 40 km from the heart of Delhi, in Knowledge Park – III, at the same location where the InterGlobe Group also has a training facility for pilots named CAE Simulation Training Private Limited (CSTPL), in joint venture with CAE. CSTPL will also support SAME by sharing some of its relevant facilities with SAME Students.


Aviation Industry

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In recent years, the aviation industry in India has witnessed rapid expansion and growth. As many as seven major Indian airlines and several smaller airlines with a fleet of over 400 aircraft carry nearly 100 million passengers annually on scheduled services. Apart from this there are as many as 500 private aircraft operating as non-scheduled and charter services in India.

All aircraft operated by Indian airlines and registered in India are required to be maintained to the highest standards as laid down by the Director General of Civil Aviation. The Director General of Civil Aviation is part of the Govt. of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation, and is responsible for ensuring all aspects of safety in aircraft operations in India.

The regulations of the DGCA require that every aircraft undergo a maintenance check and be certified as being fit to fly before each and every flight takes off. Additionally, aircraft are required to undergo regular maintenance checks on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedule depending on the aircraft type and the hours flown. Such maintenance checks and certification needs to be undertaken only by an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) approved and licensed by the DGCA. In order to obtain a license from the DGCA, an aspiring engineer is required to pass a series of examinations conducted by the DGCA.

The School for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (SAME) duly approved by the DGCA, aims to provide such aspiring engineers with the necessary education, including class-room training, practical knowledge, skill development and on the-job-training that would enable them to appear successfully in the examinations conducted by the DGCA, and/or to obtain employment in the aviation industry.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Best AME College in Delhi India | Aircraft Maintenance Engineering | SAME

The AME plays a vital role in the aviation industry to ensure that, aircrafts are maintained to the highest standards and as laid down by the DGCA. In the course of their duties AME’s are responsible for servicing and maintenance of the aircraft which includes repairs, replacements, overhaul and inspection of the aircraft, aircraft components and other related items of equipment.

The aviation and airline industry in India is expected to continue to grow rapidly, and the numbers of modern aircraft flying in India are expected to increase. India is expected to emerge as the third largest aviation market in the next few years. As a direct result, the need for more AME’s will continue to be felt even more strongly, as airlines and other aircraft operators will require skilled and licensed engineers to maintain and service aircraft.


Ashwini Maurya

I would like to thank you for the career counseling, it has been a great learning experience for me. I am looking forward to join SAME for my Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course.

June 30, 2017



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