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Indian aviation on massive growth trajectory

Aviation Industry with the rise in the country’s economy and followed by the liberalization, has gone through a complete transformation in last decade or so. Throughout this period, the aviation industry has shown tremendous growth along with ample of achievements to showcase it. India’s civil aviation industry is on a high-growth trajectory. India aims to become the third-largest aviation market by 2020 and the largest by 2030.The Indian Aviation have hit the jackpot by procuring huge transformation in the most recent period.The rapidly changing field of aviation has opened up scope for new aviation companies to enter in this field. The open air policy has helped the entrance of many private companies to introduce airlines and feeder lines, apart from this there are many international airlines that operate from India leading to the rise of options in aviation field apart from pilot.
India is a developing nation and it is continuously growing, with the growth of aviation industry it has opened new avenues of growth and opportunities in terms of job opportunities for people. The latest buzz that has taken the country on a rise is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering coursewhich has drawn the interest of youth primarily because of the practical learning and adventure that comes complimentary with this course.The field of Aircraft Maintenance is changing at a very fast pace since the time it first evolved. With the new changes taking place in the aircraft technology the role of aircraft mechanics has also evolved. It can be said that Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are the doctors for Aircraft, the way they know about the nuts and bolts of it is not every man’s job.
Developing Skilled Manpower

School for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering,Interglobe Education,Greater Noida

Amidst the flood of so many institutes there is our SAME, promoted by the InterGlobe Group, is approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, to offer a three year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course in the Mechanical and Avionics Stream. SAME aims to be the finest school for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India, offering a world-class education and practical knowledge, fully meeting the standards of the Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India. With its professional and internationally experienced faculty, backed by state-of-the art equipment and modern teaching aids, SAME will produce Aircraft Maintenance Engineering personnel of an outstanding quality and SAME is undoubtedly best choice for pursuing your AME Training.
SAME aims to be the finest school for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India, offering a world-class education and practical knowledge, and fully equipped to meet the highest standards of AME education and also meet the requirements for ab-initio AME training schools approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).SAME aims to create high-quality aircraft maintenance engineers through its professionally trained and internationally experienced faculty, using modern teaching methods backed up by state-of-the art equipment and infrastructure, thus meeting a long-standing need of the fast-growing aviation industry.SAME aims to bring the culture of excellence that defines all the operations of the InterGlobe Group to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering education and training in India
Let me illustrate some facts about AME course that will surely make you fall in love with this it

1.There is no other career opportunity than AME that gives you an option of practical hands-on training
from the beginning of your curriculum. You get to feel and talk to flying machines out there.
2.The course will take your adrenaline rush to its highest level when you get the real time training on
aircraft & airport.
3.An opportunity to study local and go global, the course has been designed in a manner that it helps you
become eligible to work across the globe (obviously you need to fulfill some criteria defined by airlines of
different nations).
4.A new experience every day; if you have a personality who is looking to explore something new every day then my friend don’t miss out the chance to become an AME.
There is a phrase that says, “Pilots need a hero too and hence God made Aircraft Mechanics
If this has brought you on the edge of your chair then this is the moment for you to get your admission done by visiting which can help you to shape your career.